Fresh off the success of her role as Rey in the latest Star Wars trilogy, Daisy Ridley opened up about being labeled certain ways in her professional life. In an interview taken from the upcoming February issue of Tatler, the 28-year-old British actress revealed that she was called "intimidating" on the set of her latest movie, Chaos Walking.

"I’ve been told that I’m intimidating," Ridley said in the interview, per Yahoo . "That was on Chaos Walking. I was having my hair done, having my wig put on. I remember thinking, ‘God, should I be smaller? Should I be quieter?’" She added that an unnamed director said she had "quite aggressive" energy during a meeting.

"I was thinking: ‘But why? Is it because I maintained eye contact? Is it because I’m passionate about what we’re talking about?’ I dunno,” Ridley added. “You have that horrible sinking feeling of, ‘God, do I not come across the way I think I do?’"

Ridley also said that she wasn't prepared for people talking about her after she became famous.

"When I signed on to Star Wars, there was nothing in my contract that said: ‘Your life will be talked about,’" Ridley explained. "It got to the point where I realized so much of my life was out there. People knew my mum’s name, my dad’s name, what my sisters do for a living. And I thought it would be nice to have something that’s for me, that isn’t for everybody else. I just thought I would keep that separate.

The long-delayed Chaos Walking is currently scheduled to hit theaters on March 5, 2021.