Despite practically every single significant news outlet calling the 2020 presidential election for Joe BidenDonald Trump continues to use Twitter as a way of trying to speak his victory into existence.

His latest gem came on Sunday, when he questioned the long-standing institution of the media using the factual information given to them by each state to make a determination about the projected outcome of an election. 

Still, that tweet doesn’t come close to the lie he issued on Saturday, claiming, "I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!" 

But Trump wasn't the only baddie to falsey claim victory via an all-caps tweet. Enter The Night King. Vladimír Furdik, the actor who played the iconic Game of Thrones villain, responded to Trump's tweet by using the same approach to claim a win at the Battle of Winterfell. 

If you saw "The Long Night" episode in which that battle unfolds, then you know that there's no way The Night King can even claim victory—SPOILER ALERT—since he was killed with the Valyrian steel dagger by Arya Stark. But then again, if these last four grueling years under the Trump administration have taught us anything, it's that everything and anything can happen.