Edward Norton's theory about Donald Trump's continued attempts to overturn the election win of Joe Biden is making the rounds on Twitter.

The actor believes that Trump is not actually hoping to toss out the election results and install himself for a second term with the help of the courts, but rather he's buying time to cover up crimes and ultimately be pardoned for any illegal actions he undertook as president. 

In an extended poker analogy, Norton said he believes Trump is holding out for a "Nixon-style deal" in exchange for conceding the office of the presidency, so that he might leave the White House with no fear of being jailed. 

Norton also allowed that Donald Trump is a notoriously vain man who did not want to look as if he lost.  He called Trump "whiny, sulky and petulant," as well as "10-ply super soft," noting that Trump has it within him to throw a wrench in the democratic peaceful tranfer of power out of "pure spite." 

Norton closed his rant by urging all of those who are still in power to call Trump's bluff, namely by removing him from office without accepting any deals that shielded Trump from prosecution.