The Trump administration has provided fodder for comedians everywhere. You couldn’t go to an open mic or comedy show in the weeks following his election without a comedian dedicating most (or all) of their set mocking the 45th President. Not only did Trump inspire jokes from these comedians, he also launched careers. Sarah Cooper became famous for her lip-sync videos, highlighting the constant lunacy of Trump’s public speeches. Her Netflix special, Everything’s Fine, is an extension of those videos.

On paper, Everything’s Fine looks like a surefire hit. Guest stars like Ben Stiller, Aubrey Plaza, Eddie Pepitone, Jon Hamm, Helen Mirren, Maya Angelou, Fred Armisen, Jane Lynch, and countless others should make for a hilarious, entertaining special. However, despite this all-star cast, Everything’s Fine is a convoluted train wreck of a show. It’s a nonstop barrage of random bits that offer no value whatsoever.

The format posits Sarah Cooper as the host of a morning show called Everything’s Fine. The special flips back and forth between news segments and random TV commercials all involving the TikTok superstar. The bits in Everything’s Fine are…well, not fine. There is a QAnon QVC bit—you know, because they both have Q in the title, I guess? A random bit about “Karens” in history, narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, could have been intriguing had it been explored in more detail. There’s a bit that turns out to be a teaser trailer for a new Jordan Peele movie…about Mar-A-Lago! Get it! Because Mar-A-Lago is SCARY. 

This special isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about the current political climate. It is basically fifty minutes of “YOU GUYS! THE ORANGE MAN BAD!” Cooper’s bits are basically congratulating people for acknowledging that the President is a fool, something that, if you spent 15 seconds on Twitter, you’d already know. The special fails to connect, and it feels almost incomplete as if everyone involved rushed to get it out before Election Day (the release date of October 27, 2020 feels intentional). Fans of Cooper may enjoy her in this new format. However, Everything’s Fine feels lazy, uninspired, and not fine at all.

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