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B. Simone is looking for a man; however, her dating requirements have ignited some backlash.

During a recent appearance on Nick Cannon's radio show, the self-proclaimed "Manifest Queen" revealed she has been living the single life for the last seven years and was finally ready to be in a relationship. Cannon told Simone there were plenty of men who were interested and that he would be willing to set her up on a blind date—but first, he needed to know what kind of guy she was looking for.

Simone, 30, explained she was looking for someone a little older and who didn't have a 9-to-5 job. You can probably guess which of those comments caused a stir.

"What?!?" Cannon responded (6:04). "Why not? You don't want him to have an honest job?"

"I mean, he could be a hustling entrepreneur," Simone responded.

"So you want CEO status?" Cannon said.

"Yes," Simone replied.

Simone went on to say there was nothing wrong with a job that requires someone to clock in and out at a certain time, but she believes entrepreneurs should date other entrepreneurs. Why? Because they could understand each other's lifestyles.

Tory Lanez was among those who reminded Simone there were plenty of 9-to-5 men who make bank—sometimes more than well-known entertainers.

Simone took to social media shortly after the criticism began pouring in. She told her followers she once had a 9-to-5 and has also dated a guy with 9-to-5, but she was now looking for someone who shared her lifestyle and mindset.

"Ain't nothing wrong with a n***a with a 9-to-5. I get it, they work hard," Simone said. "... You work, you got money. I get that. I need an entrepreneur. I need someone who understands my mindset. It has nothing to do with money, everything to do with lifestyle."

Despite her explanation, Twitter users continued to blast Simone's dating requirement as elitist.