The mega-popular comedy series The Office is now on Slack, sort of. Lovers of the show can now experience its unique brand of humor via messages through the business communication app thanks to the creative agency MSCHF. To truly complete the work-from-home lifestyle that many of us have been forced to grow accustomed to, MSCHF decided to allow people to join a Slack which has every episode of The Office, only it unfolds via text, emoji's, and GIF's only.

The unofficial Office Slack—which can be joined here—has several different channels dedicated to different real workplace locations. The main channel is where the show is streamed via text, with a new episode being run every day from 9am to 5pm EST. There are also channels like the #watercooler and #smoke_break channels, which are dedicated to commentary and non-work talk. 

This Slack will not be premiering any unreleased content, but rather is just a fun way for fans to engage with the show that they love in a new and unique way.

"The nature of work and office culture has changed so much since the show aired," says Daniel Greenberg, Head of Strategy & Growth at MSCHF about the creation of this Slack. "A lot of [this culture] is centered around the way we use technologies now, and that shaped the way we relate to our coworkers. So this is really cool."

The Office has inspired a cult-like following since it's nine-season run ended back in 2013. The cast recently reunited virtually via Zoom to recreate the fictional marriage of John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer's Jim and Pam for fans. The special reunion was a part of Krasinski's new web series Some Good News.

As you debate whether you're not you have enough time to join this new Office-inspired Slack—spoiler alert: you do—check out our list of the top 25 episodes of The Office here.