According to Deadline, early negotiations are currently being conducted to lock down Chris Evans for the role of Dentist Orin Scrivello in the Warner Bros. remake of Little Shop of Horrors. Deadline's Anthony D'Alessandro also added some other names rumored to be involved with the project, including Taron Egerton, Billy Porter (who's already signed on), and Evans' fellow Avengers member, Scarlett Johansson

In the 1986 version of the musical, Scrivello was played by Steve Martin. As for the character's traits, like most dentists, those involve violence, abuse, sadism, and an addiction to nitrous-oxide. All perfect for a comedy. 

As for Evans, just go ahead and mentally place his head over Martin's here:

Little Shop of Horrors tells the story of dorky florist, Seymour, who works for a struggling store set in New York's "Skid Row" under a grouchy owner, Mr. Mushnik. Seymour achieves fame locally after finding a talking venus-flytrap-like plant that he calls "Audrey II." That plant then goes on to cause him misery by demanding to be fed blood and then people. It ends with Audrey II—oh wait, no need to put that.

Plus, who knows, maybe they'll change it up again

The Hollywood Reporter adds that Egerton is in talks for the role of Seymour, while Scarlett Johansson would play his coworker/love interest, Audrey. Porter, who has reportedly already signed, will voice the plant.