From beyond the grave, the once-integral DVD format enjoyed a brief return to pop culture discourse this weekend.

Thanks to a tweet from ScreenCrush's Matt Singer in which all who might remember such a thing were asked to recall the very first DVD they owned, cinema lifers managed to tuck in mentions of everything from Marilyn Manson's Guns, God, and Government World Tour to the early Charlize Theron entry Mighty Joe Young.

Of course, a conversation about the DVD is best served alongside fellow perils of a deep dive into the past such as promos involving flimsily packaged movies taped onto pizza boxes, menu-based easter eggs, and the convenient DVD-playing capabilities of the PlayStation 2.

And though we long ago became a streaming-ruled world, that's not to say that the DVD itself hasn't sustained in some unlikely ways. Back in August, for example, Netflix shared the self-reported milestone of having shipped more than 5 billion DVDs to physical subscribers. Recent stats cited at the time added that the subscription service still counted approximately 2.4 million DVD-favoring subscribers on its roster.

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