On Sunday, February 9, AWARDS SZN officially comes to an end. That's right, the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony airs, giving critics, casual moviegoers, and people who genuinely want to complain ample reasons to either say why they were right or why Hollywood hates them. For many, it's also a sigh of relief; "awards bait" season is officially over...at least for a few months. Whatever, it's cause for a celebration.

Before we get too lit, though, we have to figure out who is going to win; it was THE topic on the latest edition of Watch Less, and is what will have everyone scrambling like Howie to place their bets and parlays before the ceremony begins. The thing is, with so much "Oscar bait" out there—we're looking at you, 1917 (and Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood, low-key)—the fun of it is trying to predict how the Oscars are going to move. Will they stay consistent with what makes sense for them, or will they actually try and be the "film awards"?

Get your ballots ready and run through our look at what should (and what will) win at the Oscars 2020.