Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is stepping away from Jersey Shore

On Friday's episode of her podcast, It's Happening with Snooki and Joey, she revealed that she would not be returning for a possible season four of Jersey Shore: Family Reunion. Snooki claimed that there were "a lot of reasons" why she's moving away from the franchise, but being away from her family to film the show is taking the biggest toll. 

"Probably my biggest issue now is being able to shoot the show and have a good time, but also not be depressed missing my kids," Snooki said. "So that’s definitely a hurdle. That’s why we’re not filming for months on end. We used to film for four, five weeks straight, and that’s just physically impossible for me. Mentally I can’t do that because I need to see my kids."

She also suggests that the show is painting her character in a negative light. To her, Jersey Shore is about being a family, but the series producers are choosing to focus on the "drama" that's going on in their lives rather than their bond as friends. This is dividing the fans as the show is choosing to support some cast members over others.

"Lately on the show it’s just been very drama," Snooki said. "I’m not leaving my kids days on end to film the show when that’s the result of it."

Currently, the show is promoting an alleged rift between Snooki and Angelina Pivarnick. Snooki was one of the cast members that delivered a roast speech at Angelina's wedding. In the show, this didn't sit well with Angelina and she left her own event. But in reality, Snooki claims that the cast members' bonds are rooting in making fun of each other. This was skewed by the show, leading to a backlash from fans. 

According to Snooki, the heated response came to a head when she and her children started to receive "death threats" over something that happened on the show. Fans even threatened to boycott the Snooki Shop boutique, where the reality star sells her fashion and makeup lines. Some fans went as far as leaving false reviews about her store, claiming that the building had bugs.