Jersey Shore Family Vacation returned for its third season this year, and it would seem as though Snooki has already had enough. Arguably one of the biggest stars of the show, Snooki was seen storming out of the Jersey Shore house after a heated argument with the rest of the cast. Upon exiting the house, she reportedly threatened to quit Family Vacation.

The video that has been leaked to TMZ by a neighbor of the house shows Snooki clearly upset about something, yelling to someone, "Leave me the fuck alone, this is why I didn't want to do this shit. Leave me alone." She was reportedly shooting for Jersey Shore late on Tuesday night, but it all went off the rails when she suddenly decided to leave. She can also be heard calling someone a "fucking asshole" in the brief clip.

"I wanna go home to my kids where I belong," the mother of three said while attempting to leave the set. She only just gave birth to her most recent child back in May. Producers of the show eventually took Snooki to a donut shop in an attempt to calm her down. When Pauly D and JWoww came to see what was going on, Pauly reportedly said, "Well, that didn't go the way I expected." 

She returned to the house after she talked with the producers, but she reportedly didn't return completely happy with the situation. Of course, there were cameras to capture everything that went down, so fans of Jersey Shore have a drama-filled episode to look forward to.