Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein is back and this time around, he's complaining about his legacy — or what's left of it.

"I feel like the forgotten man," the alleged rapist said in an interview with Page Six last week. “I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker, and I’m talking about 30 years ago. I’m not talking about now when it’s vogue. I did it first! I pioneered it!"

The 67-year-old, who has been accused of sexual misconduct and harassment by multiple women, doesn't sound apologetic about his exploits at all. "It all got eviscerated because of what happened,’’ Weinstein continued. “My work has been forgotten." Weinstein reportedly decided to be interviewed because he wants "this city to recognize who I was instead of what I’ve become," and because he wanted to prove that he wasn't exaggerating his recent health issues.

A clueless-sounding Weinstein also patted himself on the back for paying Gwyneth Paltrow fair wages back in Miramax's heyday. "Gwyneth Paltrow in 2003 got $10 million to make a movie called View from the Top,” Weinstein said. "She was the highest-paid female actor in an independent film. Higher paid than all the men."

The producer is doing a poor job at trying to shore up support for himself. He showed up to court last week with a walker, citing "health issues" and a back problem. He recently reached a $25 million settlement with his alleged sexual misconduct victims. However, if the settlement becomes a done deal, he won't have to admit to any of his wrongdoings.

The former producer is currently set to be tried in court in January over the sexual assault charges made by a pair of women.

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