Cuba Gooding Jr. pleaded not guilty to more sexual misconduct charges on Thursday after being accused of groping a third woman.

The alleged incident took place on Sept. 9 or Sept. 10 2018 at a New York City nightclub, according to an indictment. The court documents claim that the actor "intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly touched the sexual and other intimate parts" of a woman for his sexual pleasure. 

In October, Gooding pleaded not guilty to a four-count misdemeanor indictment that stemmed from accusations of inappropriate conduct with two women. During this hearing, the prosecution revealed that it wants to use allegations from 12 other women to convict the actor. These accusations include claims of forcible biting, licking, and kissing that date back to 2001.

The prosecution also accused Gooding's lawyers of leaking surveillance footage of the initial complaint against him to TMZ, saying that it only shows Gooding's actions after the incident. The actor's lawyers didn't respond to claims that they released the video. Assistant District Attorney Jenna Long told NBC that the office is working on removing the victims' faces from the video and the 2018 incidents.