There are currently no plans for Sony to officially unveil the PlayStation 5 any time soon, but fans are eagerly anticipating more details about the console. Sony has already lined up the PS4's swan song with The Last of Us Part II, which launches Feb. 21, 2020, and with very little else on the horizon, it would appear the company is ready for a new generation. Details on the release date remain scarce, but in a report from Gizmodo, a few tantalizing details about the PS5 devkit have been revealed.

In August, a picture of a PS5 devkit surfaced online with one developer confirming it was real. Shortly after, the man's account vanished, but Gizmodo has since verified that two anonymous sources have also indicated the devkit patent and mock-up are real. Interestingly, the report outlines that the PS5 will come with a camera, although it will be older technology than the camera that will come with the next Xbox, tentatively given the working title Xbox Scarlett.

The devkit reportedly has the name Prospero, although it's worth noting that code names for consoles and especially devkits rarely stick around for the full release. The PS5 will also feature support for ray tracing rendering techniques, and a source has said the PS5 will represent the biggest leap in processing power for PlayStation yet. The source implied both the Prospero and Scarlett will have the "greatest compute jump in any console."

It's expected Sony will finally reveal the the PlayStation 5 sometime next year.

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