A rumored devkit for the PlayStation 5 has gaming enthusiasts chirping. 

The supposed early model of the device was unearthed by a deep dive into some Sony patents and confirmed to be a developers' model by a game developer in a tweet. 

Sony or his employers must have gotten to him, because the tweet has since been deleted. It wasn't taken down before people were able to nab screenshots and start talking, however. Fans were quick to question the deep V shape of the console, a design choice that might be alluding to the fact that it's the fifth release in PlayStation's flagship line. Of course, if it's real, those many vents would serve a practical purpose by cooling the machine.

Fans were not pleased, comparing the odd shape to obsolete toys and roombas. Others were very skeptical that the image had anything at all to do with Sony's anticipated console. 

Sony has yet to comment on the supposed leak.