Joker isn't just doing big numbers at the box office. 

According to Pornhub's metrics, there have been more than 740,000 searches for "joker" on the website in the four days since the movie hit theaters. The biggest day for the villain was Sunday. While this might be the day of rest for some people, others were exploring their fantasies as over 290,000 of the searches came on that day.

Pornhub's front office says that this activity is not exclusive to Joaquin Phoenix or the critically acclaimed film. Instead, it speaks more to the storyline of the overall arc of the DC Comic character. When Suicide Squad was released in 2016, adult websites were littered with searches for The Joker's girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

Aside from the traction it's gaining on Pornhub, Joker has generated a lot of attention from both critics and consumers.

Per Deadline, the movie pulled in $13.3 million on its opening Thursday, (Oct. 3). This broke the previous October preview record which was held by 2018's Venom. 

There is also a lot of buzz surrounding Phoenix's portrayal of The Joker. Many critics feel as though Phoenix created such a polarizing character that his performance should be considered for an Oscar.