Reality television has given the world a litany of classic scenes, yet few have been more memorable than Bernice's scenes on TruTV's South Beach Tow. Now fans are paying homage to Bernice's dedication to her job by resurfacing her most iconic moment. 

In a 2013 episode of the show, Bernice was on a mission to repossess a Chevrolet Camaro from a woman who was four months behind on her rent. The car's owner happened to impede Bernice in the middle of the job, refusing to let Bernice take the car. The woman claimed her rapper boyfriend was not only going to make her payments but that she also needed the whip to take him to his next gig. This didn't sway Bernice, leading the woman to try to evade the tow. Bernice stood behind the car only for the woman to back up and hit her, with Bernice toppling over the edge of the parking garage. 

For anyone who wasn't Bernice, this would have been a near-fatal fall. But Bernice revived herself like the Undertaker, then punched through the Camaro's driver side window as the owners scattered in fear. When her partner tried to convince Bernice to calm down and wait for medical attention, she gave a riveting critique of the American healthcare system.

"Bernice ain't going to no hospital! Hospitals are for rich people and my Obamacare ain't kicked in yet!" she said during her confessional. She warned her partner not to tell anyone at the shop about the incident because she "can't take no time off work."