A massage therapist who was suing Kevin Spacey over sexual assault claims has died. 

Spacey was staring down claims that he forced the anonymous therapist to touch his genitals during a massage session. The future of that case is now up in the air, as the person identified only as John Doe has died. Doe's attorney revealed that his client had passed, according to The Hollywood Reporter

“Spacey assaulted and battered plaintiff by forcing plaintiff to touch his scrotum, testicles, and penis, grabbing plaintiff’s shoulders and pulling him in for an apparent attempted forced kiss, and grabbing plaintiff’s genitalia,” the complaint alleges. "During these assaults, plaintiff repeatedly asked Spacey to allow him to leave, but Spacey blocked access to plaintiff's massage table and the door with his naked body." 

Given the anonymity of the plaintiff, it could be hard for the case to continue after his death. Doe's estate would likely have to identify their late relative if they wanted to prove that they had standing to sue. The case is the second such sexual assault allegation against Spacey to come apart in court due to outside circumstances. A criminal sexual assault case against Spacey leveled by an 18-year-old busboy came to an end when the man at the center of the case stopped cooperating with the prosecution. Two weeks prior to that case being dismissed, the accuser dropped his civil case against the actor. 

Spacey is still under investigation for possible sexual assault in the UK.