The release date for the final season of Mr. Robot has been revealed. In a grim, Christmas-set trailer, the USA drama shared that the Rami Malek-led show will return on Oct. 6. 

The final season follows Malek's Elliot Alderson as he launches a digital war against the world's elites. In the trailer, he can be heard talking with his alter ego, Mr. Robot. Robot, played by Christian Slater, tries to warn Elliot away from the choices he's going to make in the upcoming season. 

"If you go down this path, it'll never end,"  he cautions. "It will always be something else. Another symbol to destroy, more people to save. This is an endless war. What you're about to do is crossing a line."

Alderson is beyond caring, however. He asks where the construct was before he started his crusade. 

"It's a little late for that, don't you think?" Alderson asks.

As promised, the ultimate chapter of Mr. Robot takes place over the holidays. Showrunner Sam Esmail said the final season will bring Elliot back around to the revolutionary zeal with which he began the series.

"It brings the show back to its initial promise of Elliot wanting to take down the guys behind the scenes who are manipulating society," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "The journey between seasons one to three has been about discovering who the real culprits are. The hack was merely a distraction that was co-opted by these people, and it's finally been revealed and exposed to Elliot. In a weird way, the next season will return back to that initial premise of the show and have Elliot be motivated by that, with this new clarity."