The internet was up in arms when 50 Cent and Starz decided to remix Power's theme song. Fans were confused as to why the network would remove Joe from the song in favor for Trey Songz for the show's last season. But, the singer doesn't seem to be bothered by the transition. 

In a post to his Instagram account, Joe shows his appreciation for 50 Cent and the response his absence received from fans.

"All in favor say I! FANS HAVE A LOT OF #power!" Joe wrote under an old promotional picture that hailed him as the "voice of Power." "Ya'll are amazing! Will hit y'all once I'm settled in AFRICA @50cent - ALL LOVE - (we made a classic!)."

50 Cent and Trey Songz have handled this backlash as well as they can. Fif has taken to Instagram multiple times to add to the discussion with playful banter.

"These motherfuckers talking 'bout Trey Songz," 50 said in a video. "Man, you ain't bought a mothfuckin' Joe CD in years now you talking 'bout Trey Songz. Trey did that shit as a favor to me, man. Shit, y'all keep this shit up, Imma have to put that motherfucker back the way it was."

As far as Trey, he jumped in the comments of one of 50's posts claiming that the internets it causing him "emotional agony and distress." "They hurting my feelings," Trigga wrote