One of Fox News' televised blabbering heads has made a point to inform the world that Shia LaBeouf, understandably, called him "trash" during a recent chance encounter at a Delta Sky Lounge.

"The other day I was at a lounge, the Delta Sky situation, trying to take off for a flight with my family and the actor Shia LaBeouf or whatever his name is—I think it was him, it looked exactly like him—I walk by and he calls me 'trash' right in front of my kids," Jesse Watters, the aforementioned blabbering head, said. "You know, I didn't say anything. I didn't lose it."

As fun as it is to imagine this exchange, particularly given the accuracy of LaBeouf's alleged Watters assessment, I think we've talked enough about matters of Fox Newsery here. Instead, I'll now plow through my word count requirement with some words of excitement regarding some upcoming LaBeouf projects.

First up, The Peanut Butter Falcon:

The currently-in-theaters film, helmed by Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz and also starring Zack Gottsagen and Dakota Johnson, is currently sitting atop a 96 percent critical average on Rotten Tomatoes.

Next up, LaBeouf's acclaimed autobiographical journey Honey Boy—praised by early viewers as cathartic and transformative—hits theaters Nov. 8. "It was a very difficult movie to make, because there’s nowhere to go," LaBeouf previously said of the film, the script for which was penned in rehab. "You're just in it a lot."