While Daisy Ridley has yet to finish watching Game of Thrones, she admittedly knows how the series ends. Despite her unfamiliarity with all the plot developments of the remaining episodes and how embarking on that long-winding journey lends itself to overall disappointment (for many), Ridley is confident that the final chapter in the Skywalker saga will be met with less controversy than Thrones

"I think this ending will be less controversial," Ridley told Josh Horowitz of MTV News. Josh should've followed up that question by asking Daisy if Rise of the Skywalker is more or less gratifying than the conclusion of the Marvel's Infinity Saga?

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi writer and director Rian Johnson also smoothed out the landing for Rise of the Skywalker by seemingly answering the question of Rey's lineage, and completing Supreme Leader Snoke's story arc by killing him off. These conclusions left J.J. Abrams with only a few loose ends to address as the saga reaches its conclusion, which was Thrones' problem.

If J.J. wants to potentially bite off more than he can chew by bringing Emperor Palpatine back into the fold, that's on him. But Johnson took on the brunt of the work and controversy with The Last Jedi, so Rise of the Skywalker can only go up from there.