The fourth season will also be the last for NBC's The Good Place. The show's creator, Mike Schur, made the announcement at an Emmys For Your Consideration panel on Friday.

For Schur and the cast, this finale is right on schedule. Schur explained to the Hollywood Reporter last December that The Good Place was never meant to be one of NBC's longstanding series.

"Obviously because of that DNA, where status quos get blown up so frequently, this is not a show that is destined to be on for nine years," Schur said. "It's not a 200-episode, Friends kind of a deal. It's not a hangout show. So, yeah, we've given it a lot of thought, and we have a certain plan, which I think you'll get the sense of in the fairly near future."

Schur re-emphasized how that finiteness was part of the plan in the season four announcement.

"After The Good Place was picked up for season two, the writing staff and I began to map out, as best we could, the trajectory of the show," Schur said in a release. "Given the ideas we wanted to explore, and the pace at which we wanted to present those ideas, I began to feel like four seasons—just over 50 episodes—was the right lifespan."

Since The Good Place premiered in 2016, the single-camera comedy has cleverly played with morality to create engaging content. It's won multiple awards and garnered renewed recognition for Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. The last season of The Good Place is expected to premiere sometime this fall.