Gamers and fans of Avengers have been eager to see footage of the upcoming open-world game based on the IP. It was expected people would have a lot to say when gameplay video dropped, and fans were definitely talking after Square Enix's E3 presentation on Monday. 

Much of the excitement was immediately dashed upon release of the trailer. Despite the game featuring beloved characters from the blockbuster films and comics, many felt the design of the characters made them look like cheap knockoffs of their movie counterparts. Additionally, they sounded nothing like fans expected them to sound.

Of course, in order for the game to feature the heroes modeled after the actors/actresses that played them, the likeness rights have to be granted to the developers. It appears Crystal Dynamics, subsidiary of Square Enix, wasn't able to secure those rights, opting to produce characters with different designs. However, many observers feel like the results were simply terrible. (Bruce Banner's design looks the most like his movie counterpart, and even he looks a little off.)

One thing to note is that the game, which releases May 15, 2020, is based on the comic book characters, and not the movies (though it doesn't help that Endgame was released not too long ago, and the faces of the heroes are still fresh in everyone's mind).

Suffice it to say fans were not impressed in the least.