While it may represent a bit of spinning their numbers, HBO is touting the fact that Chernobyl is drawing a big-time audience from their add-on services by pulling in a number (well, a percentage) that broke one of Game of Thrones' records. One down, about 100 to go.

According to Deadline, HBO is boasting of the fact that Chernobyl has pulled in more than half its audience (52 percent, to be exact) from HBO Go, HBO Now, and their other add-ons. This gives the five-episode miniseries the distinction of being the first show from the network to pull in at least half its viewers from those services, and also gives it the honor of busting the old mark established by GoT (which was 46 percent).

You may be asking yourself, Wait why is that good? I don't work for HBO. Well, the answer is that the network wants people to sign up for those services so that they can compete with the big dogs in the streaming industry. After all, if viewers are watching on HBO Go and HBO Now, they don't need to rely upon rapidly dated cable deals.

As for how the disaster-based project is doing in terms of more traditional ratings, Deadline says it's right behind Big Little Lies, and may soon pass the "8.1 million cumulative audience" Of True Detective's third season.

This string of television facts probably provides absolutely zero solace to anyone who lived near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant when the disaster occurred. But who the hell knows, some people are competitive.