Adam Sandler returned to Saturday Night Live for the first time in nearly 25 years and paid tribute to one of the show's legends. He strapped on his acoustic guitar to sing about his late castmate, Chris Farley.

"First time I saw him he was sweeter than honey/Plaid jacket and belt too tight and he wasn't even being funny," Sandler sang. "Then he cartwheeled around the room and slow-danced with a cleaning lady/He was a one-man party/You know, you know I'm talking about my friend Chris Farley."

Sandler sang about Farley's most iconic SNL moments, including the Bumblebee Girl, Bears super fan Todd O'Connor, and the Chippendales dancer. Watch the emotional song—which originally appeared on Sandler's Netflix special, 100% Fresh—above. Farley and Sandler were on SNL from 1990-95, an era that featured David Spade, Al Franken, Mike Myers, and Dana Carvey. Farley died in 1997 from a drug overdose.

Sandler also shouted out other SNL greats during his hosting gig, including his buddy Chris Rock. The comedian joined Sandler during the opening monologue as he did another song that touched on how they both got fired from SNL.

"I got fired, I was fired, I got fired by NBC," Rock crooned "Then I went on In Living Color, three weeks later they took it off TV." Take a look above.