This is the episode where all Game of Thrones fans found out what they really, truly needed to know. The one thing that's been plaguing fans for the last several seasons: what would Queen Dany's hair look like without Missandei around to braid her hair?

Truthfully, in the fifth episode the long-suffering fans of the Westerosi power struggle, we all learned what the outcome of last episode's game of whispers was. The not-so-secret secret of Jon Snow's lineage rattled around until it knocked quite a few things loose and the show got back to what it does best, terse political talks in firelit rooms. In spite of the seeming character betrayals of the season on rails, Jon Snow remained as loyal and dumb as ever and the Mad Queen seeds that showrunners have planted via Dany's moments of righteous anger began to bloom. 

That doesn't seem like good fodder for meme-ing, but Thrones fans are old hat at this point. Give them a clear enough screenshot and a place to post and they can joke about The Mountain. Take a look at some of our favorites below.