Eddie Murphy and Akon appear to be on the same wavelength. 

Earlier this month, TMZ spoke to Akon about the long-awaited Coming to America sequel starring Murphy and Arsenio Hall. The 46-year-old artist, who lived in Senegal as a child, said the studio should cast actual Africans for the movie, and even name-dropped a certain Ghanaian-American comedian.

"There's no way you can do Coming to America without adding someone like Michael Blackson, who's African and is one of the funniest African comedians out there," Akon said.

Well, Murphy seemingly agrees.

On Tuesday, TMZ caught up with the comedy legend to ask him about the idea of casting African talent for Coming to America 2. Before the cameraman could suggest potential stars, Murphy immediately mentioned Blackson's name.

"Oh yeah. I'll tell you that there's one funny African," he said as he got into his car. "That Michael Blackson."

The outlet reached out to Blackson shortly after Murphy's comments.

"That would be life changing!" he told TMZ about a potential role. "Everyone in the world is gonna watch that movie."

Blackson expressed his interest in appearing in the film during a February interview with Comedy Hype News

"We’ll see what happens ... what I would suggest ... let’s go to another place that’s hot … Atlanta and deal with a new generation of crazy kids," the comedian said. "[Eddie's] brilliant. He’ll come up with something."

Coming to America 2 will be directed by Craig Brewer with a script by Kenya Barris. The movie is expected to hit U.S. theaters Aug. 7, 2020.