There's a lot to fear about Thanos, though a stint hosting Saturday Night Live certainly isn't high on that list.

That's a crucial point, however, in the story at the root of an Endgame-celebrating spec script that's currently enthralling fans. Notably, the spec script also provides a reason for me to mention Hoobastank. Complete with SNL-ified Thanos photos, Esquire video editor Dominick Nero shared the spec script Monday, in which a Thanos-hosted episode of the NBC mainstay is masterfully imagined.

As is typical for SNL these days, this take on the sketch show utilizes the Trump-centered cold open approach, Alec Baldwin included. Thanos is tasked here with playing former POTUS Andrew Jackson. Noting that he and Trump are "not so different," Thanos' Jackson then compares his Manifest Destiny to Trump's far right embrace. "White nationalists love you," Thanos says in the script. "My Manifest Destiny values practically invented modern racism."

From there, we're given everything from a bong-ripping Pete Davidson to the joyous utterance "Hoobstank is here! Stick around, we'll be right back!" Read the full script, described by Nero as "the dumbest thing I have ever done," right here. It's worth your time.

Naturally, fans have been loving it:

Endgame, meanwhile, is out April 26. Get a glimpse at some early reactions by way of Monday night's Los Angeles premiere here.