For the latest edition of Vogue's ongoing "73 Questions" series, which sees an interviewer ask simple questions while touring the home of a celebrity, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and their three kids give intimate insights into their daily lives.

From describing their home as a "minimal monastery," to how to handle negative press, Kimye's edition of "73 Questions" gives a closer look into their home life than ever before. The couple talk about how they knew they were perfect for each other, while also explaining what they've taught each other. Kim says Kanye taught her "major confidence," while she taught Ye "financial advice," to which he responds, "You give me some advice but I don't listen to it."

It's also worth noting that Kim thinks "it's lit" is the most-overused phrase out at the moment, which will likely upset Travis Scott. The interview also touches upon her feelings on the paparazzi and negative press, to what she wishes more people would focus on. "I wish they would not focus on my ass all the time," she replies.

In her recent Vogue cover story, Kim made it clear that she was eager to start a new career path. Following in the footsteps of her father Robert Kardashian Sr., who was one of most prominent lawyers in America before he passed in 2003, Kim explained that she's studying to become a lawyer.