Samuel L. Jackson returns as Nick Fury in Marvel's latest blockbuster, Captain Marvel, but he does so looking a lot younger than he actually is. Set in the '90s, the new movie sees the 70-year-old Jackson digitally de-aged, and he spoke at length about what it was like to see himself looking younger on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

When asked if it was weird to appear onscreen looking about 30 years younger, Jackson responded, "I watch my old movies all the time, so no." He said he recently watched most of 1995's Die Hard with a Vengeance while channel-surfing. Jackson also explained that it was awkward learning his lines as Nick Fury in the previous Marvel films, on account of the eyepatch, and that one of his most interesting experiences on Captain Marvel came from working with a cat.

"Reggie was cool," he told Kimmel, referring to one of the cats that played Goose in the film. "There were also three others—each of them had specific tasks that they were supposed to be good at, but Reggie was the jack of all trades. He could do everything, and he got used to me snacking him. They just give you stuff, and then you give him a snack and talk gently to thing you know you're like best friends."

During his chat on Kimmel, Jackson spoke about how happy he was for his friend and decades-long collaborator Spike Lee, who won Best Adapted Screenplay for BlacKkKlansman. "It was nice to have Spike climb me like a tree," he joked, referencing how Spike jumped at him when accepting the award.

"It was awesome to say 'Spike Lee,'" he explained. Watch his appearance on Kimmel above.