On the eve of the release of The Beach Bum, the latest slice of uniquely nihilistic comedy from director Harmony Korine, a vaguely undercover Matthew McConaughey was on ABC convincing Hollywood pedestrians they were impossibly high.

Jimmy Kimmel sent the Beach Bum star out on the streets near his late night headquarters, equipped with an assortment of ingestible goods he was tasked with presenting to everyday people as including some sort of miraculously fast-acting dosage of THC. As we've seen with previous takes on this set-up, plenty of people have no problem being convinced they're high when they're actually just subjects in a placebo-based comedy bit.

At any rate, this is highly watchable. Up top, catch the full clip, which sees McConaughey's pedestrian targets claiming everything from tingles to a general state of chill. There's even a quick cameo from another Beach Bum impresario, though we won't spoil that here.

Earlier this week, McConaughey was joined by his co-star Snoop Dogg on Kimmel to discuss the weed-drenched film shoot that ultimately resulted in the full-length comedy hitting theaters today. At one point during production, thanks in part to some traded prop joints, McConaughey started dipping into his songwriting toolbox.

"We made about seven songs that was for real, right, and he was so high, like, for the whole rest of the movie we kept touching back on those songs," Snoop told Kimmel. "Like, we would be just chilling and he would bring this song up and this song up, and I'm like, alright cool. We got the whole groove set so now everything is beautiful. But at the same time, he didn't do none of the lines from the movie the first night."

Fittingly, select theaters will be hosting odor-assisted screenings of The Beach Bum should you want to have your nostrils also fully invested in the cinematic experience: