Sony's Venom made a buttload of money and thus will subsequently be gifted with a sequel. Tom Hardy is again set to star as the titular anti-hero.

According to Variety, Writer Kelly Marcel (who helped devise the screenplay for the 2018 film) will be tasked with penning the series' second attempt, according to Variety. Marcel's exact paycheck isn't known, but Variety notes that it will be a lot. Marcel will also return as a producer. Marcel's résumé includes 50 Shades of Grey, and developing Disney's Cruella along with an Elvis biopic.

Despite less than favorable reviews, Venom made over $855 million at the box office with its $100 million budget. This announcement comes just days after Sony Pictures announced an untitled sequel for October 2020, which comic diehards assumed would be Venom 2.

In addition to Hardy's return, Brock's ex-fianéee and potential She-Venom Michelle Williams, as well as Cletus Kasady/Carnage Woody Harrelson, are expected back, too.