'Venom' Director Details Future Villain Carnage

The end credits of 'Venom' introduces serial killer Cletus Kasady, setting him up as the sequel's potential villain under the moniker Carnage.

Venomwalked away with an October box office record for its debut weekend, while giving its audiences a little glimpse into a sequel.

Spoiler alert, spoilers ahead!

The end credits of the new film starring Tom Hardy introduce the serial killer Cletus Kasady. This sneak peek sets up Cletus as a potential villain, poised to take on the moniker Carnage in any possible Venom follow-ups. It’s unclear if a sequel will actually happen, but director Ruben Fleischer told IGNhe wanted to include a glimpse of Kasady to show how expansive Venom’s world can become.

"We’d like to think that this movie will expand to other movies and Carnage is, I think, the most beloved of the Venom adversaries, with the exception of probably Spider-Man," Fleischer said. "The intention or the ambition was to show that there are legs for the franchise in that a fan favorite let alone played by Woody Harrelson would be something we could look forward to in the future."

In the scene, Hardy’s character Eddie goes to interview Kasady, who requested the meeting. Within a prison cell, the deranged serial killer is portrayed by Harrelson in a culry red wig. In the cell, Kasady writes “Welcome Eddie” on the wall in his blood, and promises the reporter “there’s gonna be carnage” when he escapes.

Still, there’s no official plans for a sequel, or how Carnage would fit into this latest iteration of the symbiote’s storyline, but Fleischer is excited about the potential.

"When you think about a guy named Cletus, and off the comic book pages what he might be like, this insane serial killer, if you think about Woody in Natural Born Killers and the menace that he brought to that character, I think it’s really exciting to think about him going to that darker place again," Flesicher explained, "because recently he’s been playing more kind of heroic or comedic parts so to see him going to that kind of darker space, I think, is going to be incredible."

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