She's made her mark in beauty, mobile apps, and reality TV, but did you Kim Kardashian also had her eyes set on the toy business? The 38-year-old recently revealed she was in talks with Mattel to create Barbie inspired by a look she rocked back in 2011.

The red carpet look resurfaced on Twitter this week, prompting Kim to share a story about the KKW Barbie that almost was. She claimed that she and Mattel were planning to release a doll in her likeness and that it would've been wearing the same dress seen in the photo above.

Kim said the deal ultimately fell through and that her Barbie was never produced—at least not on a large scale. After the cancellation, Kanye West pulled some strings and asked Mattel to create a prototype of the KKW Barbie. The company apparently obliged, making Kim's "dreams come true."

Kim's connection with Barbie goes back several decades. The reality TV star said she made her modeling debut in a 1988 edition of Barbie Magazine. She shared the photos in 2017 on social media: