After watching You, the stalker saga starring Gossip Girl’s OG stalker Penn Badgley, almost everyone I know is keeping both eyes wide open. Now, some creepy viral texts are taking this collective paranoia to the next level.

For those who don’t know, You was a slept-on Lifetime series in 2018 that became Netflix’s first hit of 2019 after it was released on the streaming service earlier this month. It follows Badgley playing a stalker who goes to impressive and deadly lengths to get close to the woman of his dreams.

But creepy stalkers aren't soley a fictional problem, as one woman's viral texts have shown us. On Sunday, 20-year-old student Lynda from Bromsgrove, England posted screenshots of texts she received from a man she met on the train only once. The problem? She did not give this man her number.

“Yo it’s me...from the train the other day,” the texts from the guy read. “Got ur number from one of ur friends hope u don’t mind.”

Lynda then asked how he got her number, to which he responded: “I searched u on insta and you follow some people I know so I asked about u.”


"When I got the text at first I thought it was odd but it didn’t really register how seriously creepy the whole thing was, so I didn’t reply,” she told BuzzFeed News. Lynda recalls their conversation as unremarkable. "It was general small talk about the weather and stuff. I initially didn’t notice him, and I can’t say I’d ever seen him before either."

The man continued to insist, over text, that he take her out on a date. “I’m really not flattered by this,” she wrote to him. “It’s weird and invasive. And there is no way you can decide for me that I’m going out with you.”

People agreed that this entire situation is not only creepy AF but also oddly similar to YOU.