Talent knows no age in Hollywood these days. More and more young actors are being cast in some of the best films and receiving rave reviews. One of the most critically acclaimed films of the past couple of years was literally a teen comedy drama. The youth are taking over and we’re better for it, despite the grumblings of the older members of Hollywood.

Younger people tend to be discounted more often than not. How many articles have you seen about how lazy and entitled millennials are? But let’s not forget that the Meryl Streeps and Denzel Washingtons of today all had to start somewhere. Many of our best actors were once young actors asking to be taken seriously. Many of today’s brightest stars have achieved their excellency as a much earlier age. They may have the advantage of the internet, which launches careers and creates fan bases like no other medium, but some of these young actors are just as good as their older counterparts.

In 2019, your 20s might even be considered old by some people’s standards. Child stars are emerging earlier and earlier in recent years, and many of our most bankable stars are actually too young to make this list. It’s a tough business, and it’s easy to peak early in your career but these twenty-somethings have had promising starts. Judging by the projects they have coming out soon, they’re here to stay, and might even become future Streeps and Denzels. Here are the 20 best actors in their 20s.