If you've never bothered closely peeping the credits of Home Alone and/or Googling specifics, a certain holiday tweet from Seth Rogen may have come as a bit of a shock.

In a well-timed tweet presumably debated with immediate vigor around the world, Rogen noted his relatable initial interpretation of the famous "Keep the change, ya filthy animal" scene in the 1990 Macaulay Culkin classic. Specifically, Rogen said he spent years convinced that the faux movie from which that quote was taken actually existed. 

As it turns out, he wasn't alone.

Even Culkin himself chimed in. 

Naturally, this little bit of trivia very quickly inspired someone else to propose a more-than-worthy idea for a full-length adaptation of the faux movie within a real movie commonly referred to as Angels With Filthy Souls:

Of equal importance is the follow-up tweet from Rogen in which he rightfully declares Tim Burton's underrated Batman Returns a "wonderful Christmas movie."

Rogen, for my money, is quite the expert in this department given his starring role in the supremely underrated holiday romp The Night Before. Though there's plenty to write home about in regards to Jonathan Levine’s 2015 comedy, including in-church vomiting and a Miley Cyrus cameo, a certain Kanye West-nodding scene is likely what sealed the deal for me:

Hopefully, Rogen will bless us with more mind-bending observations before the year is up.