Here's a Great Seth Rogen Story Involving 60 Grams of Mushrooms, Friendship, and a "Nonsensical Picnic"

"Jesus is not our key demographic," Rogen reveals.

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Seth Rogen, global hero and the star of the forthcoming holiday classicThe Night Before, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday to reveal he's actually been researching for that role his entire life. "It's kind of like an R-rated, modern take on a Christmas fable," Rogen says. "Jesus is not our key demographic." After joking that his research likely began when he was as young as 15, Rogen then launched into a predictably great story involving a profound amount of psychedelic mushrooms and a friendship-honoring attempt at a picnic quickly dashed by the sheer power of said mushrooms.

"When I was 18, I went to Amsterdam with a friend, which is a good start for a drug story, I guess," Rogen begins. "We decided we were going to do a bunch of mushrooms because that sounded fun." Upon purchasing said items of magic, Rogen and his unnamed buddy were confused by the appropriate amount needed to procure a proper and thoroughly enjoyable picnic, as Amsterdam's shrooms were wet ("like a salad"), as opposed to dehydrated.

As you might have guessed, 60 grams of shrooms + Seth Rogen = a novella's worth of adventurous laughter.

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