The #TakeOffsetBack movement came to a head on Saturday (Dec. 15) when Offset crashed Cardi B's set at Rolling Loud Los Angeles.

This awkward exchange began with the Migo having three flower arrangements that read "Take Me Back, Cardi" pushed out on stage during a break in Cardi's performance, and then he apologized and pleaded with his soon-to-be ex-wife. Cardi, however, was unfazed by the gesture as she had him and the display removed after an inaudible, heated exchange with Offset.

Cardi's visible discomfort combined with the other antics of Offset's apology tour has led many to condemn the rapper for his forced attempts at reconciliation, claiming that his actions could be classified as harassment. 

Cardi took time after her performance to address the situation. Cardi urged fans over Instagram to apply the same empathy they have for comedian Pete Davidson to the father of her child while also assuring the world that her support does not mean Offset is forgiven.