Awards season is right around the corner, and Hugh Jackman's portrayal of 1988 presidential front-runner Gary Hart in aptly titled The Front Runner could very well land the actor a nomination or two. But not if Ryan Reynolds can help it. The actor has been having a little fun online, convincing everyone that Jackman doesn't actual deserve the acclaim for his performance.

Following in the footsteps of the film itself, which follows Hart as he tries to navigate his way through a sexual harassment scandal, Reynolds has shared a fake attack ad on Jackman, alleging that the Australian actor isn't even Australian and is using a fake name.

“Hugh Jackman’s upcoming performance in The Front Runner fooled some people into thinking he deserves an award. But before voting begins, some people should consider these facts,” Reynolds says in the video. “Hugh Michael speaks with a charming accent, but he’s actually from Milwaukee.” This isn't the first time he's accused Jackman of being from Milwaukee, either, originally tweeting the allegation back in October.

In a not-so-subtle attempt to say he's more deserving of an award than Jackman, the Deadpool actor adds, “Is this type of amazing actor and nice person we want delivering a preachy liberal speech this awards season? Or maybe there’s a real foreigner from a border country who would really love it… a lot."

The two actors have been going back-and-forth for a while now, in a light-hearted fake feud, but Jackman is going to have to step it up big-time for his response. 

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