The whole world is so connected these days, with cell phones offering up pretty much everyone the access to anything they might ever need to know. Of course, plenty of people will be quick to remind certain individuals that in reality cell phones have only made humans drift further apart. It's a common, divisive statement often shared on social media of all places, so of course it's become something of a meme now.

Parodying people eager for the older, simpler days, Twitter users have begun using the phrase "Not a cell phone in sight" to accompany all sorts of images to brilliant results. A common phrase in its own right, it all started earlier this week with a drawing of Jesus being crucified. After that, it started picking up steam at a breakneck pace in a week filled with plenty of other budding memes.

It's definitely one of the least mean-spirited memes to hit the internet this year, acting as both a great joke that calls out pretentiousness while also providing some nostalgia. Folks on Twitter have already applied the meme to Jersey ShoreSpongeBob SquarePantsShrek, and even Call Me by Your Name. The best one, however, might have to go to the dinosaur drawing.

Check out some of the takes on the meme below.