If you want to get into Game of Thrones prior to 2019's eighth (and final) season, which will premiere in April, well, now's as good of a time as any to do so. We say that because HBO is allowing people to binge the series for free, though you're going to have to do some serious ditching of family if you want to fit it in, because it only runs from Wednesday, November 21 (which you may or may not know as "today") until Sunday, November 25.

The event is available to most DirecTV and cable subscribers (like Xfinity), and to be more specific it's for all of HBO (plus Cinemax), which allegedly has some programs that aren't Game of Thrones too:

If you opt to be cheap/cheat your way through the series' 7+ year run, that's going to be 67 episodes you'll need to slam in over the course of four days. And while that may seem like something only a compulsive maniac would do, that's probably also true of waiting in line in a tent to get the pole position for a Black Friday Sale, or even getting up at 4 a.m. to do the same damn thing. Choose wisely here.