We probably should have expected Venom, "Venom,"and Vencum to all be released on the same day.

That's right. Just as society was coming to grips with the Tom Hardy-starring future cult classic and the official Shady symbiote-featuring music video for the Kamikaze track of the same name, Wood Rocket and Pornhub are hitting us with the film's porn parody.

Vencum is directed by Lee Roy Myers (Mighty Muffin Pounder Rangers) and stars April O'Neil, Vuko, Tommy Pistol, and Rocky Emerson. Myers penned the script, which is surely better than the one responsible for the actual Venom, with Vuko. Catch a vaguely SFW version of the Vencum trailer up top.

In partnership with Pornhub, the Wood Rocket production will be available for exactly $0.00. A lengthier cut, dubbed the "Vencum Extended Tongue Edition," will be available exclusively via Pornhub Premium. Due to the nature of this particular website, I can't actually link out to any of those, but you should have no issue tracking them down on your own.

Previous Wood Rocket opuses have included porn-remixed takes on Bob's Burgers, Fortnite, Rick & Morty, and damn near everything else you can possibly fathom. "We get that porn can be terrible," Myers told Complex back in 2015. "We get that porn can get weird. We get that porn can get disgusting. Let's make porn for people who have seen a lot of porn, as well as for people who have never seen porn before."