Poor Shirley. Elizabeth Reaser did her thing but I think we can all agree that, objectively, the two oldest Crain kids have a bit of Wet Blanket Syndrome. But, as Shirley's spotlight in the second episode helpfully lays out, you really can't blame her. Every kid has to have their first brush with death at some point; Shirley's was so devastating it's emotionally scarring to almost laughable proportions.

A box of cute dead cats in your bedroom will make anyone a little brittle going forward. The experience teaches us a lot about Shirley, and the fakeout that one cat is stirring and actually still alive—OH NO WAIT, IT'S JUST A DEAD DEMON BEETLE CRAWLING INSIDE OF IT—teaches us a lot about what to expect from this show. Optimism is for suckers. —Frazier Tharpe