Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters have launched a war against the latest Marvel movie Venomin an attempt to rake in a No. 1 box office hit for their queen.

A Star is Born, where Gaga plays a rising musician discovered by Bradley Cooper's character, hits theaters this weekend. The movie’s tour of a few film festivals has already generated Oscar buzz around the pop star and Cooper. Coincidentally, Venom also hits theaters this weekend, transforming its star Tom Hardy into the dark, PG-13 friendly extraterrestrial leech. It’s no secret Marvel films, even their smaller blockbusters, rake in huge grosses. In an effort to curb the competition, Gaga’s zealous fans filled Twitter with tons of bad “reviews” of Venom in an attempt to discourage people from seeing it.

As BuzzFeed News points out, things turned chaotic when people began catching wind of the plot. In response, Venom fans fired back with their own bad takes and memes bashing A Star Is Born.

We’ll have to wait until Sunday’s box office numbers come in to see which film won this war. In the meantime, some are coming up with conspiracy series about the backlash being DC's fault, not Gaga stans. Others are calling for an end to this nonsense all together.