There aren’t many independent black British films that sell out cinemas nationwide. So when the The Intent was able to do just that in 2016, as well as reach top three on the iTunes Chart and get a Netflix deal, you would think the creators would be somewhat satisfied with those accolades. Turns out, they weren’t, and are now aiming to take the franchise to a whole new level with The Intent 2: The Come Up, the second instalment. This prequel—where the audience gets to discover the origin stories of the main characters—comes with some exciting developments; one being that a large chunk of the flick is set in sunny Jamaica, and another being some prestigious additions to the cast, most notably dancehall star Popcaan and grime don Ghetts.

The film also embarks on a brand new partnership we’ve never seen the likes of before, with Island Records and Vertigo Releasing backing it with finances and distribution. It’s safe to say that the intent of co-directors and co-writers Femi Oyeniran (Kidulthood, Adulthood) and Nicky “Slimting” Walker (It’s A Lot) is to supersede all expectations and milestones of the first film. I had the pleasure of flying out to the capital city of Jamaica, Kingston, to catch up with the final week of shooting. Arriving on a Tuesday evening, I quickly begin to gain a sense of the country’s magic, its alluring beauty, and vibrant people. This is the texture that Femi believes will elevate his film, and I was curious to find out.

Once I checked my bags in, I headed straight down to the film set, the location of which was a mansion—or gyalsion, as the locals would joke. I stepped in whilst a pool party scene was being shot. The energy was electrifying; the pool had a huge waterfall and there was music, dancing, laughing and you could easily forget you were on the set of a movie. I knew, then, that this film had the intention to diversify the range of moods and energies previously shown on The Intent. Even when that scene had ended, everyone on set was buzzing—the crew, the extras, and even the policeman standing guard besides the pool.

I must admit: it was infectious. I found myself grinning so much teeth, for no reason, and maybe came across a little too over-enthusiastic when I was introduced to Femi, Nicky and Ghetts for a chat about their involvement in the film.