Earlier this month, a flood of local Georgia reports alleged that Katt Williams—who just bagged an Emmy for his excellent Atlanta performance—had went to the police about an incident involving the husband of radio host Wanda Smith pulling a gun on him. LaMorris Sellers argued in a police report cited by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the weapon simply fell out and was never pointed, though he did concede to chasing the comedian to a nearby store. Now, while being bothered by TMZ for an extended period of time Monday night, Williams has addressed the incident in question without confirming or denying anything.

"Let me see if I got this right," Williams said, as captured in the video up top. "You're saying that if somebody pulls a gun, they're gonna not shoot you because you did what? Why aren't they shooting when you get the hell out? I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just simply saying, if somebody did pull out a gun, what would you do that for? I'm saying, if it's not to shoot somebody, what is it?"

Some more TMZ bothering later, Williams continued. "I assure you if there was a gun then there would have been charges and police and jail and all types of things, right?" he said. "So there could be no gun, right? There could be no gun." As for the timing of that story, Williams attributed it to Satan, who's "good at timing."

As for those Tiffany Haddish comments, both Williams and Haddish—who was also bothered by TMZ Monday night—say there was never any beef. "I was in a conversation with a non-female comedian about female comedians," Williams said. "That was a no-no."