For film buffs, the fall is truly where it’s at. While the majority of a calendar year is chock full of blockbusting action and… not much else, real heads know that the colder the temps get, the more heat Hollywood brings as Oscar fodder. 

This fall, Tinsel Town has a vast array of films for moviegoers. Sure, they’ve managed to sneak in a couple of films that will surely hit with the kids, as well as a pair of pure comic book bangers, but there’s a lot of Oscar bait out there, too. From a film that takes place inside a miniature town in somebody’s backyard to ruminations on “gay conversion programs” and the third remake of A Star Is Born, there is sure to be a grip of popcorn chomped on at the theaters during this last quarter.

For those of you unsure about when you’ll be hitting the cinema, we’ve got you covered. Check out the fall films that your entire family will be talking about, including some that will no doubt be a large part of the 2019 AWARDS SZN. Get that Moviepass Fandango ready.