The #InMyFeelingsChallenge has become an untamable beast. It has inspired some great entries, sure, but has also caused real injuries. The Shiggy-invented dance was just easy enough for most people to manage, but needs just enough swag that it’s very obvious when someone just doesn’t have it. Enter Ryan Seacrest, who discussed his entry into the #InMyFeelingsChallenge catalog on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. 

“You can’t win no matter what you do,” Seacrest said about how the public reacted to his #InMyFeelings challenge video. “I get talked into making a video, and I go on a rooftop in New York and I put on my best music video outfit. I rehearse, and I rehearse, and I rehearse. Someone shoots it on their phone and...I’m not a good dancer, but I’m so proud.”

“I post it, and I have never been shamed so much in my life,” he said, shocked. The only good thing that came from it, though, was that “Drake Enterprises” asked him for permission to feature the video on the “In My Feelings” music video. 

Sure enough, at the end of the wonderful Karena Evans video for the song, there’s Seacrest’s “moves.” He might not be able to dance, but he did get the Drake stamp of approval after all. On the one hand, it’s probably not great to shame this random famous dude for being a bad dancer. On the other, though, even he admits he’s not the best dancer and...well, he's definitely not the best

Then again, bounce queen Big Freedia, who was snubbed out of the “Nice For What” video despite being on the song, had to remind Drake to feature her on the “In My Feelings” video since he was already in New Orleans anyway. But Seacrest’s corny dance gets in. Sometimes the world is weird.